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Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 23:22:11 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR]Vintage Bikes Most Desired.

I think I might of started this thread with my "hitting the lottery" note last week... ;^) sorry Dale... I haven't checked in today, I was riding, wrenching, and watching Garzelli win the 2nd stage of the Giro d'Italia on OLN.

My job calls for a lot of drive time, so I do get to play "what if" questions, I must admit that I'm not a "collector", although I can appreciate what I see at the Cirque. And Richard's seminar was a revelation with the ability to compare his Masis next to his 30th anniversary next to his Signatures.

I own & use bikes by category, so anything purchased would be replacing something else or filling a new category (not much room left in my one-car garage...) (I liked Ben's color categories) Let me tell you what I now have and would get.

1. Town bike: have - prototype Terry mtn bike with fenders, Brooks and basket get- a classic restored British roadster

2. Tandem have - '84 Santana get- keeper, loads of sentimental value

3. Full Tourer have - modified Trek hybrid get- full Bruce Gordon (just so I could get insulted...;^)

4. Day Tourer have - Nashbar with classic components get - Brian Baylis full custom frame with classic components

5. Club rides have - Austro-Diamler Viet Noir "hot rod" (seen at Cirque) get - keeper, sentimental value

6. Fixed have - Frejus "hot rod" (also seen at Cirque) get - keeper, sentimental value

7. Beater have - World Voyageur (picked up from Walt Skrzypek) get - why? it's a beater!

8. Retro-racer have - Vitus with Campy NR get - Richard Sachs custom Signature with Record 10

9. Windtrainer have - Holdsworth get - keeper, high sentimental value (Janet's nice bike)

10. Track have - none yet get - either the restored LeJeune that Nat Weeks had at the Cirque, or if that's gone, a custom Chris Kvale.

11. Antique have - none yet get - restored highwheel or very good replica

Roy "to sleep, perchance to dream" Drinkwater Lititz "Covered Bridge Metric is 18 Aug", PA