Re: [CR]Vintage Bikes Most Desired.

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Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 23:23:20 -0700
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Vintage Bikes Most Desired.
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Chuck Schmidt wrote:
> > Chuck,
> >
> > How far gone... After I finish up my Trek commuter project I have my
> > Masi Prestige with some
> > bubbling underneath the BB and a nasty rust bubble at the first cable
> > guide on the top tube.
> >
> > Some days I think leave it alone and build it up, others I just want to
> > send it off for a restore...
> >
> > Your thoughts? What is _very_ far gone? That rust spot is about the size
> > of a dime and just looks
> > about as nasty as dark rust can look... But still seems to be surface.
> >
> > Mike Wilkinson
> > Parker, CO
> Mike,
> The danger is the rash decision to restore and a regret years later that
> you wished you hadn't. A restoration _never_ turns out to be _exactly_
> like the original finish!
> My method: #11 Exacto blade, scrape out rusted area till you get down
> to bright metal, fill with enamel model paint mixed to match and applied
> with a tooth pick out to the edges in a raised wet blob to dry back down
> to level with the original paint edge. It will never be an invisible
> repair, but it will be very easy to overlook. Stops the rust too.
> The older I get the more I prize and covet originality in bicycles. I'm
> sure some may wonder why I don't get some of my "rougher" bikes
> repainted though. Maybe it's an acquired taste not shared by everyone?
> Chuck Schmidt
> SoPas, SoCal