RE: [CR]Vintage Bikes Paint/Rust touchups.

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Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 12:04:09 -0400
From: Mark <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Vintage Bikes Paint/Rust touchups.
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Chuck, I used yellow Testors model paint for touching the top tube cable guides on my 83 California Masi. I particularly like the Testors paint filled enamel (never acrylic)markers to avoid brush marks.(I think you can buy empty markers intended to fill with mixed paint somewhere too) Near perfect- Color match is almost exact and I did all three guides do get it right.. No clear coat cause you know that with cables going thru, you will need touchup again. I do inside and out of each guide. Several coats over several days. By the way, our local McCormick paints will match exact with a highly rust resistant hard hard enamel if you like. They even mixed a batch for my car and that is white (90 Buick,like geiser cars for comfort- but the bike has to be a race bike) - and white-off white-hardest color to match.It was only about $4 a pint-Yep that's custom matched.. One guy there said he painted his rusty utility trailer with it, skipped the primer, held it outdoors for years and rust never returned!Paint didn't weather or lose luster either said he.

BTW the common adice to use acrylic clear nail polish as a top clearcoat I have been told is poor advice. It doesn't last. People think it lasts cause they often apply it to places that aren't handled. This admonition from people who do nails-FWIW.

I don't know if the existing paint on my bike is Dupont PPG enamel, or Imron or what?? But I would never use a lacquer for touchup- Bad bad compatibility problem! Guess you figured by now I have had more experience in paint/ stain touchups than bike mechanics-too bad.But my best touchups have always been on wood stain so clearly I need a wooden bike (They exist) Here's another trick to remove globs. I haven't tried it yet but probably will.. Has anyone tried this trick for touchups??? Looks promising I think:

Mark Cutrufelli (searching for the perfect touchup) in Laurel, MD

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> Chuck,
> How far gone... After I finish up my Trek commuter project I have my
> Masi Prestige with some
> bubbling underneath the BB and a nasty rust bubble at the first cable
> guide on the top tube.
> Some days I think leave it alone and build it up, others I just want to
> send it off for a restore...
> Your thoughts? What is _very_ far gone? That rust spot is about the size
> of a dime and just looks
> about as nasty as dark rust can look... But still seems to be surface.
> Mike Wilkinson
> Parker, CO


The danger is the rash decision to restore and a regret years later that you wished you hadn't. A restoration _never_ turns out to be _exactly_ like the original finish!

My method: #11 Exacto blade, scrape out rusted area till you get down to bright metal, fill with enamel model paint mixed to match and applied with a tooth pick out to the edges in a raised wet blob to dry back down to level with the original paint edge. It will never be an invisible repair, but it will be very easy to overlook. Stops the rust too.

The older I get the more I prize and covet originality in bicycles. I'm sure some may wonder why I don't get some of my "rougher" bikes repainted though. Maybe it's an acquired taste not shared by everyone?

Chuck Schmidt
SoPas, SoCal