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From: "nelson miller" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]was:Vintage Bikes Most Desired, now: Patina
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 12:00:15 -0700

Jamie-- You should definately sell this gem on ebay!&nbsp; If you put it in a box, you will double your money!&nbsp; :-)&nbsp; Nelson Miller-- Seattle ------------------------------------------


&gt;From: Jamie Swan

&gt;To: classicrendezvous

&gt;Subject: [CR]was:Vintage Bikes Most Desired, now: Patina

&gt;Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 10:58:17 -0400


&gt;Jamie Swan wrote:

&gt;I want to add a side-bar to this thread. I prefer bikes in their

&gt;original paint even if the condition is not that hot.



&gt;Chuck Schmidt wrote:

&gt;Jamie, there is a saying in collecting: "You cannot replace


&gt;A bike has to be _very_ far gone before I would ever consider

&gt;restoration. Most of my old racing bikes have patina oozing out of

&gt;their pores!



&gt;Here is a picture of the jewel of my bike collection. I'm pretty sure

&gt;that it is done oozing. I've pleaded with all the frame painters to sell

&gt;me transfers but the selfish dogs will only sell them as part of a

&gt;complete restoration. So I am seriously considering having it repainted

&gt;but I cringe at the thought of destroying the patina. Even if I spend

&gt;the money on the paint job I have a couple of other problems that I am

&gt;having trouble resolving. Both crank arms broke simultaneously the last

&gt;time I tried shifting while standing during a Cat 2 field sprint but I

&gt;forgot that I didn't have Ergo 10.... and Campy USA won't even take my

&gt;calls! Also, the heads have popped off my spokes because the wheels

&gt;where laced 5 cross on high flange. I was just trying to be period

&gt;correct! I'm at my wit's end!!! Oh, and also, does anyone know where I

&gt;can get a pair of those rubber things that go on the brake levers?




&gt;Jamie Swan Northport, N.Y.





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