Re: [CR]was:Vintage Bikes Most Desired, now: Patina

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Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 12:51:41 -0700
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
To: classicrendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR]was:Vintage Bikes Most Desired, now: Patina
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Jamie Swan wrote:
> (cut)
> Chuck,
> Here is a picture of the jewel of my bike collection. I'm pretty sure
> that it is done oozing. I've pleaded with all the frame painters to sell
> me transfers but the selfish dogs will only sell them as part of a
> complete restoration. So I am seriously considering having it repainted
> but I cringe at the thought of destroying the patina.(cut)

I've had really good luck with the following: Construct a pyramid out of Robergel spokes and Velox cloth tape and place over your relic. In a few months the relic will recreate itself in full. The tires will be flat though so you'll have to pump them up.

Sounds farfetched I know, but read the following: "The greatest experience we can have is the mysterious. To me it is enough to wonder at the secrets." --Albert Einstein

'Nuff said.

Chuck Schmidt
SoPas, SoCal