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Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 22:56:17 -0400
From: Jamie Swan <>
Subject: Re: [CR]was:Vintage Bikes Most Desired, now: Patina
To: classicrendezvous <>

Brian, Who are you calling a wise crack?... I suppose you are claiming that you get so many emails that you trashed my inquiry by "mistake". OK apology accepted. Yes it is, in fact, a real McGurk. You might think its a fake because it doesn't have his signature treatment of the drop out adjuster screw holes. He only started doing it that way after he went out on his own. This is an earlier one that he built when he was working as a contract builder for Rusty Jones... I've decided to send you my McGurk for refinishing. I'll defer to your judgment on the transfers. Pink it is. While you have it do you think it would be a good idea to squirt some of that Frame Saver stuff in the tubes? I know that some people think that Wiggly guy is a snake oil salesman but I don't think it could hurt. What do you say? Jamie Swan - Northport, N.Y.

Brian Baylis wrote:


You never asked me for those decals. I have lots of those; it's a "Rustbucket McGurk" frame, is it not? Decals for that period frame are rare, and yet I have them for you! Let me know which color transfers you

require to go with that rust brown frame. I'll suggest the pink, if you are at a loss.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA Let's be wise cracks together.
> Jamie Swan wrote:
> I want to add a side-bar to this thread. I prefer bikes in their
> original paint even if the condition is not that hot.
> Chuck Schmidt wrote:
> Jamie, there is a saying in collecting: "You cannot replace
> originality."
> A bike has to be _very_ far gone before I would ever consider
> restoration. Most of my old racing bikes have patina oozing out of
> their pores!
> Chuck,
> Here is a picture of the jewel of my bike collection. I'm pretty sure
> that it is done oozing. I've pleaded with all the frame painters to sell
> me transfers but the selfish dogs will only sell them as part of a
> complete restoration. So I am seriously considering having it repainted
> but I cringe at the thought of destroying the patina. Even if I spend
> the money on the paint job I have a couple of other problems that I am
> having trouble resolving. Both crank arms broke simultaneously the last
> time I tried shifting while standing during a Cat 2 field sprint but I
> forgot that I didn't have Ergo 10.... and Campy USA won't even take my
> calls! Also, the heads have popped off my spokes because the wheels
> where laced 5 cross on high flange. I was just trying to be period
> correct! I'm at my wit's end!!! Oh, and also, does anyone know where I
> can get a pair of those rubber things that go on the brake levers?
> http://www.
> Jamie Swan Northport, N.Y.