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Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 16:19:34 -0400
From: "ben kamen" <ko_te_jebe@mac.com>
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Subject: [CR]Re: south korean bike on ebay

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> Subject: [CR]South Korean bike on Ebay
> Not many South Korean Columbus tubed bikes. Small frame. At Cirque Larry
> Black bought a "mystery" frame that had the Columbus "dove" engraved on the
> fork crown. This one does too. As I recall the mystery frame also had
> Campagnolo dropouts. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL
> http://ebay.com/<blah>

i am almost certain that i have seen and had a good look at this frame. if its the same one it was in Emey's Bike shop in NYC (e19th st). it ceratinly looked OK and Emey was adamant that the bike was a team road bike (korean?) for the Olympic's but he couldn't verify it as so (he sometimes stretches things but on occasion has some good honest finds. he is a pretty good mechanic, builds a top wheel and has good taste in beer).

i do remember the paint being pretty good, no evidence of corrosion, clean with no real marks and that it seemed well built (some evidence of being pinned). so far as the "Workmanship rivals that of any builder" claim in the ebay notes.....a lot of builders mortgage's are very safe ;-). it was a bit too small (think the top tube was 53cm) for me and its lack of solid provenance kept me from looking at it a little more closely given Emay's "asking" price ($200). it does look like the same frame and im sure its more of an "orangey-red" color in real life. the seller is from long island so in my mind i should think it be the same frame and think it fair to ask if it was bought from Emey. i would suggest others interested in perhaps seeking opinion from Emey not to mention seeing it on Ebay. It is a sore point for him and he believes it more offensive than index shifting and the demon that has directly affected his business. i choose not to argue or reason with him about the pro's/con's of ebay (even when i have to keep a straight face for some of his prices) but i know that he has a few collectors that seek and source parts from him and there is always a good collection of frames for sale with a few beauties as well. on the last occasion he had a mint set of cobalto's with jewels for what i thought resonable coin.

i think its a good buy and should ride fine. it had a little something about it but its name or lack of it makes it tough to part with more than beater price. my opinion is pretty conservative and it was close to a year ago since seeing the frame so whether it has been ridden or not since i dont know. i should also add that im no expert but have a good eye.


ben kamen - NYC