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Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 23:13:48 -0700
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I've not been reading the list much lately. Too busy restoring a bicycles for customers. I did try to follow that odd thread where in someone thought he was "snubbed" by lack of response and/or agreement to sell him decals. Never could quite figure out the thread, but I did note that the list seems to have developed a bit more maturity regarding this issue than I've seen in the past. I'm glad to see things coming around.

Anyway, at CyclArt our position on this has always been consistent. Our reply to such inquiries follows:

We're sorry that we cannot sell you the decals you request because the trademark is owned by others, not us. When we purchase decals from the manufacturer, or reproduce them for a restoration, we guarantee that they are applied to the correct frame and that the frame is roadworthy. To do so we must have the frame here to inspect. In this way we can assure manufacturers that we are neither causing them increased liability or allowing their trade name to be misused or resold without their control. It is not necessary that we completely refinish your frame to supply decals. We can replace tattered decals on frames with original finishes or as part of a touch up. We also feel that tight control of our reproduction decals helps preserve the integrity of the collector bicycle market. Note that although painting is our primary business we are also strong proponents of maintaining valuable bikes in original finish including "patina".

Sometimes you can obtain replacement decals from the manufacturers directly.

Thanks for understanding, may we estimate a touch up or complete refinish for you? Regards,

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I've read the recent posts about "not being able to obtain decals without having your frame repainted" with great interest.

The question is - what about a frame that you would never have repainted, but needs new decals? Are there any options for me?

I recently obtained a nice ALAN "glued and screwed" aluminum frame and fork from the early 80's. It is in beautiful shape but the seat tube and down tube decals are almost non-existent. This lugged frame has anodized aluminum tubes, which obviously don't need any paint :).

James Brodsky Longmont, CO

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