Re: [CR]Why British French Group?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Why British French Group?
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 10:12:11 US/Eastern

Perhaps Bruce and/or Bob could clarify their intentions regarding the British/French initiative. I originally understood that it was to be a Web resource rather than a listserv format. Am I mistaken? Did some of the others in the CR list also have that expectation?

I replied to both Bruce and Bob indicating my interest in the "group" that would provide resources to such an enterprise. I hope that the intent was to provide ancillary resources to those already present at the CR website rather than to create a schism. I don't find wading through a lot of Italian, U.S, or other topics and can readily find my delete key when needed as can most of us. I would prefer that the discussions of British and French bicycles can remain on the CR list so that I don't need to track another separate listserv for information.


Charlie Young Honeybrook, PA

Dale wrote:
> I agree. I personally am more interested in British bikes, with French and
> Italian in 2nd & 3rd place, but I actually enjoy them all, including some
> other national sources not in this trio (USA, Canada, Japan, Belgium, Spain,
> etc.)
> I frankly think it is the responsibility of those various parties to
> instigate discussions and questions in the area that they prefer. Sitting
> quietly and not contributing is OK but you only have yourself to blame if the
> topics don't touch on your interests..
> And delete those topics you do not prefer. (I must admit I dumped a lot of
> that Old vs. New topic that just ran it's course!) It seems to me that if you
> get sick of reading about a particular topic, it is because you are, in fact,
> dim enough to read it!! Ha! Delete delete delete!!!
> I will be happy to sit in on the new group and help Bruce and Bob gather up
> info on whatever old bikes I can, but I hope they will share and post hereon
> the CR some of their findings. I don't want to change the name of the CR to
> "Whoever-is-left-Rendezvous!"
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