Re: [CR]: Two "engineers" equals OUCH!!

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Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 13:12:57 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]: Two "engineers" equals OUCH!!

In a message dated 5/20/2002 3:01:16 PM EDT, writes:
> I think the example set by the postings of two "engineers" of late, coupled with the "damn
> the laws,,,,,,,,. [N.B. Any "engineer" naive enough to believe that the world is always
> market driven, and not engineering driven, either is very young or has not been paying
> attention.]
> OUCH!! I thought this was discuss vintage bike day, not bash the nearest engineer day!! Being one of the bretheren you cast dispersions to, please let me at least Point Out To You:
         Here in the good old USA, I am pretty sure that you may be the one who is very young, not been paying attention, etc. The Chicago Sears Tower was not built because they could be the tallest building in the world. I bet that anybody housed in that building is there because they are creating a "profit" aka They Are Market Driven. Yes, even the "non-profits" have to rely on the "market" to pay their rent. I guarantee that not a single person is occupying that building because it is "engineering driven".
         Ditto to the Maylasian (sp?) Twin trade towers in Kualakampuer (sp?) the tallest buildings in the world. The only reason they were built was for commerce inspite of all the engineers who worked on it. A pound is a pound, the world around, my very good Dutch friend.
         Still not convinced? Recall the Shimano "biopace" engineering feat? Good engineering idea, but never Market accepted. Again, a pound is a pound, the whole world around. I should also point out that pretty much 100% of the licensed engineers you run across in the good old USA never "damn the laws.." Cheers, Dave Anderson Cut Bank MT