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Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 09:52:37 -0600
To: Bob Reid <>, <>
From: Bicycle Classics inc <>
Subject: Re: [CR]British and French Group

Here is an idea to maybe settle everyone down about the French/British group thing. Lets face it, half the stuff on the CR list is marginal bantering (some of which is done myself too). If the French/British web site is being updated with content - honest to goodness stuff of merit (otherwise why do it) - than why not just put the CR group on as a member and then everyone can tune in to the updates if they wish? It sounds like there might be a message or two at most per day - but maybe even only a message or two a week - the CR list can handle that. As a consequence, CR folks only need be on one list. Plus - since the new group is not a discussion group, useful discussion may arrise on the CR group that wouldn't otherwise occur. Best of both worlds?

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

At 09:57 AM 5/22/02 +0100, Bob Reid wrote:
>Before anyone blows a gasket over the British & French group, can I perhaps
>reiterate and add to what Bruce said yesterday in respect of the above group
> - It is not another CR like bike "discussion" list.
>- It is a website
>- It is devoted entirely to words,pictures, ephemera etc. relating to the
>bicycles from British & French manufacturers, small and large from any era
>up to present day.
>- The information on it will come from a group of people, many of whom are
>currently members of the CR list.
>- What group mailing will happen, will be to those people who have shown
>interest and will relate to additions and changes to the website.
>- Dale is more than welcome to link to anything we have (as happens at
>present with other websites) for the benefit of the CR group / website.
>- No one needs to read anything into any of this.
>Those are the facts, what more can we say ?
>Thank you for listening.


>Bob Reid