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Subject: [CR]Re: Publications. info, experts,brits,francos,and the list.

I am very happy Chuck Schmidt takes the time to compile different publications.He has shared freely via the list. I have bought publications that I feel are a great value to accelerate my learning. I believe a chap made a Brown Bros. catalog available for a reasonable cost and I was happy to get it.I think we need to value their time as much as we value the others who provide services we want or need. Due to this exposure I now lean to older bikes and have aquired some Brit bikes as a bonus.We decide if it is good value by spending or not. I view this list as another resource. If our members share their knowledge about french and english bikes I hope they do so in the list, but they are not obligated to. This list is about vintage bikes from all over the world, sometimes the focus gets narrow.I say lets expand it a bit.I know many on the list will soon be looking for a classic that they learned about here. That is what we are about, restoring, preserving, enjoying and making friends via our passion and hobby.Thanks to
all. Stay here.
Craig Griffith

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Does anyone know the original nationality of Alex Singer and how he came to live in Paris? I suspect some of the English-French group members could help with this. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL


I'm sure several Francophiles in our group would know the answer to your question. I would encourage them to respond but whether or not they will, I don't know. Sad to say, but many of them have a very low opinion of the CR list and have given up on it.

You could always ask Chuck. He has an Alex Singer catalogue that might have a bit of company history in it. Perhaps if you asked nicely he'd ping you a few scans. He might not even charge you too much for them.

I'm still waiting to hear if Chuck's going to make his collection of cycling literature freely available on-line.

Cheers, Bruce

Bruce Robbins Angus Scotland

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