Re: [CR] Campagnolo vs Suntour

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Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 00:48:38 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Campagnolo vs Suntour

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<< Funny, all you guys who are 10-15 years older than me fell in love with

Campy-equipped bikes. My first serious bike was a Suntour-cyclone equipped

Tange #2-framed Kuwahara-built Nishiki >>

Not really, I feel smething else, but can not express what it is! It maybe generations gap?? I grew up in Osaka area in Japan in 60's. Less than 20 years after WWII ending, Japan was still recovering. Honda DID not have automoble (vehicle with 4 wheels) but tried to built first air cool engine-chian driven convertable "CAR"!

Racing bicycle as sporting goods, there was not many nor parts. They copied everthing from Europeans except "SUNTOUR's Parallelogram. Sugino's cotterless crankset, if you tightened too much, you could not use again, it was too soft!

In 1968, I finally got Steel Record (twice heaver than alloy NR in 1970's). It was mu dreame come true, My ride totally changed from die casted Suntour! It cost probable 10 time more than Japanese domestic parts.

The chain, 1/8" wide was common, external 3 or 4 speed, or Shimano's internal 3 speed (copy of S-A of England) with bike weigh 35 to 40 lb was considered to be "light weight". Yeap, 5 speed with 3/32" chain was revolutionary, as today's rider having 9 to 10 speed cassett. My parent could not afford 10 speed bike, so I got at least 5 speed. One year later, finally changed B/B and got extra chianwheel to make upto 10 speed. It was 1964 to 65.

When I get on all R-531 tubing frame bike with all Campy today, I am still dreaming, daydream believer! My DOB is passing over 1/2 century mark in a few month.

One note, in 60's, Japan was still receivning US foreign aid, was a poor contry. One Us dollar cost them 360 to 400 points, today 100 to 120. For British currency, it was 1080 yen then, today they can buy for 140 to 170 points. Today, they give more money to Foreign Aids than US. And, we buy a lots of Accura cars here paying as much as 50K made by Honda of Japan.

Ken Toda, High Point, NC, I do not miss my home land, my dream/home is here!