Re: [CR]advice on dealing w/bad transaction

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Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 14:41:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Zung <>
Subject: Re: [CR]advice on dealing w/bad transaction
To: Rod Kronenberg <>,
In-Reply-To: <000c01c20346$3785b9e0$3520fc0c@C1808773A>

--- Rod Kronenberg <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I could use some advice on dealing with a
> transaction that has gone
> sour.
> I bought a bike from a fellow list member. I asked
> all kinds of
> questions and received answers prior to buying.
> Specifically, I asked how the chrome fork was.
> "Good" was the answer.
> Upon receipt of the bike, I see the fork is
> completely pitted and pocked
> marked from one end to the other and it doesn't
> polish out. From 5 feet
> away it looks ok. I think this condition is fair at
> best and that I
> should have been told about the pitting.
> I feel I have been taken here, the fellow list
> member thinks his
> description was accurate.
> I have cancelled my check that I wrote, which costs
> me $25, fellow
> member says his bank will charge him the same.
> I feel we are both out the $25 bank charge. He
> shipped the bike to me, I
> will ship it back to him. We are both out the same
> monies which to me
> seems the fairest way to resolve the matter. He
> thinks I should pay for
> everything as he would have refunded my money, less
> shipping costs.
> This is very honorable on his part, but after his
> description of the
> fork condition, I felt this person's integrity was
> questionable.
> I wish to resolve this fairly, based upon your
> responses.
> Did he pay the shipping to you? If so and you pay the shipping back, I would just leave at that -- everyone incurs the same cost this way.

I had a similar problem on an Ebay transaction. I had asked a lot of questions and the pics he sent weren't very good but he didn't have a good digital camera. And he didn't tell me that one of the set screws broke off in a rear dropout. For the most part, I think he was honest but not a discriminating judge of condition. He offered a refund, but the price of the bike was low enough ($350) that I decided it wasn't worth the hassle. I have subsequently sold the bike and got nearly all my money back.

The transaction amount dictated my actions, and I took the whole thing as a lesson learned.

Cheers..John Zung
lovely,downtown Boonton, NJ