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Subject: Re: [CR]OK Chuck, you win
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 14:58:44 -0700
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Well, I hope everyone is proud of himself.

John in Boise

Quoting brucerobbins <>:
> Chuck,
> You'll be glad to know that I'm calling it a day. I'm 41 and I can't
> remember the last time I was this disillusioned about something that
> started as an honest endeavour.
> Now that I've learned you've added back-stabbing to your many other fine
> qualities, I no longer wish to be associated with a list that holds
> someone like you in such apparently high esteem.
> I've had my differences with Mike Kone recently but we could have
> patched them up. Mike has sincerely held reservations about the
> British-French Group but he prefers to stab you between the eyes, which
> I respect.
> I have enough problems in my life right now and can do without all the
> negativity, bad-feeling and hassle.
> I'm just going to "retire" from the world of bike collecting and
> concentrate on finishing my projects and then riding them.
> And Dale, you don't have to worry about me setting up another bike list:
> I've had enough of the whole thing.