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Subject: [CR]RE: safety green- celeste the true color

This brought back some memories- from the times when I used to study optics. The human eye is most sensitive to green, although not quite that celeste color of green- more like a purer green, a 555nm. Greens remain visible longest as it becomes night. Ever notice how red cars are the first to become invisible as dusk becomes night? So if you want a bike that is most visible to others at night- it's green. Blue would be second choice. So I would imagine that those celeste Biancis would be relatively visible at night. Same applies to safety in your car, but that's OT.

BTW Bianchi used to run ads joking about how ugly that celeste color was-that they made it ugly on purpose etc.You had to really want one. This was probably in the 70's. Look in their old catalogs if you have any.

As you age, your lens yellows. So older people, when asked, tend to call(interpret) borderline aquas, or nebulous blue-green color blends as more green than blue whereas younger people will call them more blue than green. I did a study on this when I was young. The effect was quite dramatic in comparing those under age 24 with those 50-80.

Mark Cutrufelli in green Laurel, MD

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Hi all,

I remember this being discussed a few months ago, maybe Chuck can dip into his archives (Thanks for posting some of them)... Short stick, blue pigment on the bottom, etc...

But, since Celeste really translates to celestial and it was more green then what did they know then that we just learned?


Wow... So the little old dude paint mixer was an astronomer too:)

Mike Wilkinson
Parker, CO