[CR]french frame - strange name - FONLUPT (any info?)

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Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 18:30:51 -0400
From: "ben kamen" <ko_te_jebe@mac.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]french frame - strange name - FONLUPT (any info?)

hello all,

having seen and interesting bike chained in the same spot here in NYC for a little while i left a note for its owner inquiring about it and whether they were interested in selling it.

its white and clearly decaled and branded FONLUPT, it also has smaller decals indicating it was made in france. i would guess it dates around 1965-70 given its Gb stem and mafac centrepulls and general parts and appearance although the rear derailleur is a suntour of later time. the owner has contacted me and we are still trying to arrange a time for meeting and me taking a closer look. as i didn't want to appear like my intentions were otherwise i could only see that the crank is a three arm older style of which i couldn't make out its make. similarly due to grease and grime i couldnt see the branding on the hubs although the front has spinners or wingnuts which look cool.

checked the web for the name and came up with nothing - still no idea on the frame material.

any ideas or knowledge of his make?

similarly i saw a local advert for a zeus frame with (non-zeus) parts. i called and inquired with the owner who was curt and tired of people calling and not showing up to purchase - i explained that i would pass on the info and find him a buyer as well as that i couldn't make it to his YONKERS - NY home to see it as i dont have a car and am such a city rat that i get scared to leave the big city and bright lights. so anyone whithin his vicintiy that is interested i can forward conatct info for. please be advised that a little tact and genuiness will be need as he is already fed up with trying to sell it but at the $50 asking price for the fame and parts attached it could be a steal an id rather it go to someone of this list.

his knowledge of bikes is only fair so this is what he had explained about it - 20.5 inches in size for a 5'6" person was his description on size. he says it stil has most of its decals and the paint is grey and in good condition but it is an old bike. chrome ends on the fork and rear drop outs (and i think lugs). he said that one of the rear dropout screws was rusted and might need a little work to loosen. it is fitted with a "Ginelli milano" bar and stem :-)... and an SR crank with a suntour reard derailleur (which i think would have been fitted later in its life). it has a seatpost and i dont recall him mentioning brakes but he did say it was for wheels in 27" diameter. the wheels he has but wasnt offering them as he said one wheel was "bad" but i did ask and found out they has bullseye hubs. thats about all the info i have...i asked about other bikes and he mentioned and Puch with "extra" tubes from the head tube to the rear trinagle but in asking he mentioned that it wasnt a fixte or ladies frame...so im a little unsure of its style but he said it was rideable.

i still have a hunch on the zeus but as i am overbiked and its not quite my size i would be buying it to sell on and perhaps thats not right (ive already sold my soul to greEdBAY) - so if anyone is keen, can visit the seller in person (phone only, no 'puter, no pics) and has a bit of charm and tact to assure him of geunuine intentions and raise his faith then im happy to arrange and foward details both ways. as he has had a few "manhattan types" that have not shown and not called to explain i understand his sentiment and frustration. it could be a nice little buy ($50) and id like for him to sell to a cr listee. i ask for nothing - well maybe a a nice glass of sangria if its a beauty and the buyer should ever visit the city.

feel welcome to reply via email regarding this - ill be happy to respond as im curious as well and covet the spanish brand that deserves a little more acclaim and respect. first in best dressed! is my motto....as i have no relation to the seller other than me wanting to raise his opinion of bike buyers and cyclists.

and lastly "TRIPLEX" derailleurs (made in spain) - any good? do they work ok? they look like a simplex copy which i find interesting as well as unusual.


ben "trying not to be greedy all the time" kamen

NYC - where many a sleeping classic goes unnoticed