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We had a thread about these a while back. The original Dura-Ace brakes released in the early 70's were centerpulls, though these were quickly supplanted by the first Dura-Ace sidepulls sometime before 1975. I believe the thread concerned a Japanese-made Cro-Mo bike sold by Schwinn in the early 70's fully equiped with the original Dura-Ace group, including these centerpull brakes. The bike was amazingly cheap considering the quality of the components, and I had speculated that Shimano gave Schwinn a really sweet deal in order to establish Dura-Ace in the US market (in the early 70's Schwinn still had tremendous marketing power in the US). The thread established whether the Schwinn model was "World Voyager" or simply "Voyager", but I can't now recall which it was without checking the archives.


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> greetings
> just picked up a pair of dura ace center pull calipers
> does anyone know anything about them.
> thanks
> robbie fellows
> long beach,ca