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Subject: Re: [CR]Gipiemme Question
To: (J.Dunn)
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 20:53:17 -0400 (EDT)
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All of the Gipiemme brakes and parts I have are all in boxes clearly marked "made in Italy" while all the parts are clearly Simplex and stamped "made in Italy". John is exactly right. Not that John needs anything like my lame affirmation to be right.

A genuinely beautiful day here in Canandaigua and a great Rambouillet ride. What a great bike!!

several racerboy frames on eBay if you have a taste for the unBOB, all tastes are good with me, well, at least lots of different ones, if curious type in my seller name which is just my email address here:

Douglas Brooks Canandaigua, NY
> I seem to recall having had several full sets of "Gippiemme" brakes in both
> silver and black. The box said "Made in Italy" tho' the back of the
> calipers were clearly stamped "Simplex__ Made in France"
> John in Boise
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> > Dave,
> > I am assuming that the seller is confused about the GPM/Campy
> > relationship so chose to do a bit of Ebay speculation, possibly to snag an
> > uneducated bidder.
> > Campy Never Made anything for GPM. What I recall from years ago, it
> > was the opposite way around; GPM was a contractor for Campy.
> > At the same time, I don't want to denigrate GPM products. They even
> > came out with a one-bolt seatpost years before Campy (SR) did, assuming my
> > hazy memorey is correct. Cheers,
> > Dave Anderson
> > Cut Bank MT
> >
> > In a message dated 5/26/02 5:52:57 PM PST, writes:
> > > "Offered for sale a rare pair of 1980's Gipiemme pedals with wire toe
> > > clips,I believe these to be the sprint model but stand to be corrected
> if
> > > wrong.I understand that Gipiemme was made by Campagnolo in the 1980's
> > > through to the 1990's,The condition is excellent in both chrome and
> other
> > > finish, bearings are very smooth."
> > >
> > > This bit about Campy making Gipiemme is news to me, is this seller just
> > > embellishing or is there any truth to this, and if so any more info
> about
> > > this 'relationship'?