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Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 00:12:22 -0400
From: "Joe Bender-Zanoni" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]1962 Raleigh Gran Sport
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This is a very hard bicycle to value. It is in such nice condition and well equipped, but the lack of good frame tubing means it will never be a great rider. It is unfortunately a great donor bike to a suitable British frame or just nice to look at as is. With all that I say $500. More than I would pay but someone will! Some great parts on that.


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From: Sarah Gibson
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Subject: [CR]1962 Raleigh Gran Sport

> greetings all
> though dale has recently questioned the use of this list for pricing items,
> it seems that there are times when it is needed and who better to ask! for
> those who don't want any part of that or are not interested in raleighs
> please delete.
> you will find at a very
> interesting and well kept raleigh. it has been donated to be sold to benefit
> a local cycling cause, the Henry Meyer Memorial Fund. all proceeds from the
> sale of this machine will go to that fund. so if any one the list would like
> to look at this bicycle and let me know, off list, please, what i should
> offer it for, i would be much obliged. thanks

> peace

> sarah gibson

> kcks