Re: Debunking time again (Re: [CR]1962 Raleigh Gran Sport)

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Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 08:24:02 -0600
To: Brandon Ives <>, Joe Bender-Zanoni <>, Sarah Gibson <>,
From: Michael Kone <>
Subject: Re: Debunking time again (Re: [CR]1962 Raleigh Gran Sport)

Just two more crucially important things:

1) tube gauge 2) butting profile

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

At 07:01 AM 5/30/02 -0700, Brandon Ives wrote:
>At 12:12 AM -0400 5/30/02, Joe Bender-Zanoni wrote:
>>This is a very hard bicycle to value. It is in such nice condition and well
>>equipped, but the lack of good frame tubing means it will never be a great
>Sorry, but Joe has fallen for one of the great myths of bikes. The
>tubing really doesn't matter all that much to ride quality. Design
>and construction are the real keys to a quality ride. This is just
>more marketing hype from the industry. This was a myth that was
>debunked in the early 90's in Bicycle Guide. The bicycle tubing used
>back when this Raleigh was built was all pretty similar on a basic
>level. Most of the attributes people lend the tubing actually reside
>in the length and diameter of the tubes. A good design is the first
>aspect of a great ride. No mater what you build the bike with if
>it's a bad design it'll ride poorly. Quality construction is the
>next key ingredient to the right mix for a righteous ride. If the
>tubes are cut square and shoved in the lugs or if the joint isn't
>full of joining material. This will affect ride quality
>dramatically. The fenders on the bike will affect ride more than if
>this bike was built from 531.
>I'm sure most people will chime in that I'm just full of it. Before
>you react look for the article in Bicycle Guide and look at the
>materials used in bike construction 40 years ago. Also note that
>we're talking about ride and not weight, longevity, ETC. . . Like
>everyone I want to believe that it really does matter since I'm
>paying extra for quality tubing, but when it comes to ride it just
>doesn't matter. I'm now off to put on my asbestos underwear.
>Santa Barbara, Calif.