[CR]Henry Meyer Memorial fund and Raleigh Grand Sport...

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From: "Sarah Gibson" <sadiejane9@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 19:02:52 +0000
Subject: [CR]Henry Meyer Memorial fund and Raleigh Grand Sport...

cr folks a direct link to the henry page would be http://www.oldtowncyclery.com/henry.htm sorry it really does not do henry justice and i intend to add more. henry was a local(kansas city) cycling legend. he was indeed a six day racer, also on an olympic team though i don't recall which year. he mentored many of the racers in this area during the 50's, 60's and 70's. he coached regional and national racers. he built frames on his kitchen table. and into his 80's he did not drive but road his bike everywhere. when you saw a bunch of kids at a midtown area grocery store parking lot doing freestyle stuff, you should've looked closer. there would be henry right in the middle of them teaching those kids all the moves. when he was in his 80's! he had a bike shop for awhile and was the classic working man's racer. he is sorely missed here in kc. unfortunately when he died his brother swooped in from georgia and wisked his body away and had him buried with no ceremony or anything. he also hired a guy off the street to come in and clean out henry's stuff so the borhter could sell the house. two dumpsters full of his lifetime of memorabilia went to a landfil. some was saved but very little. it seems he and his brother did not have a good relationship and he just wanted henry and his life done with. it all happened so fast none of us had time to react. and so i guess it sort of left something undone for those who knew and loved henry. the henry meyer memorial is something we want to do to honor him and his life. it appears the city of kcmo will let us put up a memorial but they offer no $ so that part is up to us. so thus the fund and the gran sport $ will go to that. thanks so much for all your comments and offers and information. i have made a couple of corrections and additions to the page with the gran sport. you all are such a wealth of knowledge and love of bicycles. i know it will find a home with someone who will not "part it out" but love it for what it is.
thanks again
sarah gibson