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Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 12:09:06 -0700
From: Bob Atwood <robert.atwood@asu.edu>
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No doubt these follows were also wearing Spandex, but with or without padded butts? I have found that ride characteristics of Reynolds tubes are dramatically enhanced by worn-out light blue Levis cut-offs, but Columbus tubes, particularly SLX, feels much better with black Spandex. I also wonder about these fellows encapsulating their brains in those Styrofoam helmet things. Do you suppose it outgases cyanide? That might explain why they didn't know which bike they were on.

Bob Atwood Mesa, AZ where steel tubes ride better when its over 110.

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Ahah! The problem with this as an example may be in the quality of the testing pool of riders. Just because someone is on a cycling team doesn't in itself qualify them as being any good at all in testing. One can refer to them as strong, average riders and be correct, but the results are then limited to applying to only that category of rider. I get your point, just beware of drawing too sweeping a conclusion from it.