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I don't think that these arguements "prove" that a springy responsive frame results in better performance because of some magical kinetic energy transferral. Maybe a springy frame allows guys like Sean Kelly to stay fresh over the course of a 7 hour stage race.

I think big guys like stiffer frames . Yes Kelly was a bigger rider but he was a bit of an enigma in the peloton anyway. It would be interesting to ask Mario Cipollini what he prefers. He was able to win sprints on just about everything he rode. Track and Kierin bikes are very stiff as, furious and short distance riding. Instantaneous response is everything.

Warren Young (big guy who likes em stiff...) Toronto

>Abso-freakin-lutely, I've always found it interesting how people have
>a "stiffer = better" frame view. I don't think anyone on the list
>would say Sean Kelly was slow and he rode what was considered a
>"total noodle." I remember taking to one of my past employers and
>the one national championship he ever won was on an Alan in the
>early-mid-70s. He was, and still is, a steel is real guy and to this
>day he finds it weird that he won on this bike. I believe the
>stiffer = better camp is one of the top reasons that Cannondale and
>other overly stiff aluminum frames are so popular today. Flexibility
>is really important in both the rider and bike.
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