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I second your sentiments.

Jill DiMauro
Kensington, MD

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> I think most of you have read that awful stuff posted by Arnold. If he was
> sent these messages, it is inexcusable. I will not tolerate attacks on list
> members from any direction, even "off list" e-mails.
> The Classic Rendezvous group has become a kinda-sorta family (albeit
> dysfunctional at times) and nastiness of this sort (of any sort) is simply
> not welcome. No matter how irritated we may become, it is simply not OK to
> lash out uncivilly at one another. In fact, it is only bikes for crying out
> loud! I dearly love these machines and bits but NEVER is is worth all this
> venomous venting of spleen!
> The irony is that I had thought your responses to Arnold's earlier complaint
> were very nicely and convincingly answered by other list members.
> And then "Robert Miller" jumps in... Oh joy.
> I also asked (and I also ask of you all) Arnold NOT to copy that sort of
> thing to the whole list... There is no point in doing that and we do have
> young people and ladies on board (as an ex-sailor, I have heard it all but I
> don't like it either!) Send any and all complaints to me.. As list manager,
> I will deal with it and not burden the enjoyment of the others on the list....
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