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It amuses me (a little), to see this same s-curve seatstay arrangement even on supposedly sweet riding Seven Ti frames. Curious that they do not attempt this with their carbon stayed model. Of course, even Ritchey (not richie), tries something similar on his lugged steel "Chicane" model. (a bike a little closer to CR guidelines?) Richard Rose Wondering what's wrong with nice straight seat stays anyway, in Toledo, Ohio P.S. Mario riding Specialized now? They must be the best.

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> They use curved seat stays to reduce vibration. Is this a gimmick or does
> that curve make a difference?

It is a gimmick on seat stays. On chain stays, it allows for wide rear axles and still clearance with low-Q-factor cranksets. It is good marketing to match the chain stays curves with the seat stays, I think.

Cannondale has aquired a reputation for uncomfortably stiff rear triangles, somehow, over the years and the curved tubes are a marketing-driven attempt to alleviate that perception. Gives a visual impression of "springy-ness", I suppose, helps to counter the "Crak'nFail" "myth" too, maybe.

"Cannondales are, uh, the best bikes." says Mario. (or something like that)

Glenn Jordan - Durham, NC