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I've also heard that someone other than Makino has the rights to the 3Rensho name. I don't quite know all of the details, but I gather it's a retail shop in Tokyo and I have no idea if they are having frames built for them, etc. Do any of our Japanese CR members know? I occasionally get my hands on the Japanese cycling magazines and I haven't spotted an advertising for 3Rensho.

The Yellow Jersey store in Madison, Wisconsin was the sole importer/distributor of 3Rensho for many years, so they might have more details available.

Dave Patrick Chelsea, MI

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here's some answers for you:

e-RICHIE chester, ct

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> Hey Guys, you can't be all Campy all the time, can you???
> Does anyone remember exactly when 3Rensho made the original series
> of lugged steel frames labeled Allez for Specialized? Does anyone
> know when Yoshi Konno became paralyzed and ceased his master frame
> building activities? Was he a one man shop or did he have
> apprentices? Thanks in advance - Edward in Aberdeen, WA - still
> lusting after those Japanese lightweights.