RE: [CR]WTB: Seeking Campy NR Triple BB

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From: "Mark Bulgier" <>
To: 'Steve Neago' <>
Subject: RE: [CR]WTB: Seeking Campy NR Triple BB
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 20:42:08 -0700

I said that Campy never made a Nuovo Record (thick cup) Triple BB; Steve Neago replies:
> Thanks for the info, but please refer to the Campy 1982
> catalogue Pg 32... it lists a "744/1 Triple chainring
> cotterless spindle" which uses the same cups as a NR
> spindle listed directly below the triple spindle.

Well I'll be - I apologize for the misinformation.

Anyone ever actually seen this axle, or could it be something that existed only in a catalog? It sure seems like it must be much rarer than the thin-cup triple axle, which is still easy to find to this day.

Mark Bulgier
Seattle, Wa