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Stephan, if you'll check the promotional material in "Cycle Sport", you'll find that North American subscriptions are available. In fact they have an American edition printed and distributed here, which reduces postage. Several list members including me subscribe. As near as I can tell, the only difference in the American versus the UK edition is the ads. I imagine it's the American edition you see on the newstands. By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, another outstanding UK cycling magazine is "Cycling Plus", whose professional staff includes list members Hilary Stone and Paul Vincent. Outstanding publication, much smaller circulation than Cycle Sport and less oriented to the US market, but with credit cards and the internet, it's fairly easy to subscribe from the US. Highly recommended.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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Subject: [CR]June Cycle Sport Mag. Includes Classic Sections

> This month's "Cycle Sport" magazine includes a 33 page section on some of the great classics races, plus other stuff that may be of interest to this list:
> pg.46 - "Classic Stages" - Major tours that used famous sections of Classics in them. Includes a great pic. of the 1967 TdF w Roger Pingeon on his Peugeot.
> pg. 87-119 - "The Greatest Classics" (I am sure some here will disagree!) - Flanders 1969, Roubaix 1950, Liege 1980, Roubaix 1952, San Remo 1964, Liege 1984, Flanders 1977, San Remo 1961...and some others with dates that I cannot mention on this list!
> pg. 142-147 - "In the Shadow of Merckx - Felice Gimondi", includes an inset called "The Day I Beat Eddy". They do this section every month.
> pg. 156 - "Dug Out - 1975 Het Volk" - They take a picture from an old race and give you a brief history of the 6-10 riders in the picture.
> Anyhow, the magazine focuses on Euro road racing, but seems to always include a healthy amount of classic stuff in it...something which my letters to them will encourage. It is on magazine stands at bookstores like Borders. A bit expensive ($6.25), but worth the price in my opinion.
> Stephan Andranian
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