[CR]Re: Campy Record triple BB

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Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 21:37:44 EDT
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Subject: [CR]Re: Campy Record triple BB


Mark is correct. There never was an NR triple BB spindle.

The 1982 catalog, on page 32, which I am looking at right now, shows a 744/1 triple spindle, along with #746 and #745 RECORD non-rifled cups.

The NR cups are part numbers 746/A and 745/A. These are to be used with the 744/A Nuovo Record spindle.

Page 31 of the same catalog actually shows the spindle differences much better. Note the difference in bearing shoulder spacing between the 1046 set (wider spacing, Record), and the 1046/A set (narrower spacing, Nuovo Record).

End of story.

Greg Parker A@ MI USA

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> I said that Campy never made a Nuovo Record (thick cup) Triple BB;
> Steve Neago replies:
> > Thanks for the info, but please refer to the Campy 1982
> > catalogue Pg 32... it lists a "744/1 Triple chainring
> > cotterless spindle" which uses the same cups as a NR
> > spindle listed directly below the triple spindle.
> Well I'll be - I apologize for the misinformation.
> Anyone ever actually seen this axle, or could it be something that existed
> only in a catalog? It sure seems like it must be much rarer than the
> thin-cup triple axle, which is still easy to find to this day.


> Mark Bulgier

> Seattle, Wa