Re: [CR]Help with Bottecchia ID?

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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 21:19:02 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR]Help with Bottecchia ID?
From: <>

Dear monkey man,

I remember selling the bicycle in the middle '70s. Atala had a similar set up but your bike was definitely better in workmanship. The tubing may have been Falk (spelling?) Or Columbus. If you are desperate, I may have an old bicycle buyers guide which can get more specific. Good luck.

TomWitkop Rockville, MD

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002 17:30:22 -0700 Brandon Ives <> writes:
> Some on the list might argue that I don't know jack about classic
> bikes and to their credit they're absolutely correct when it comes
> to
> Italian bikes from before the mid-70's. I got this bike in trade
> for
> doing some work for a friend. The reason I wanted it was the steel
> Campagnolo Record RD and Universal brakes. The rest of the parts
> are
> Campy FD, Nervar Star cranks, Campy Tipo(?) hubs, Barnelli bar stem.
> I THINK it's a '67 or '68 because of the decals talking about
> championships in '64-'65-'66-'67 and parts selection. There is no
> tubing decal but the fork dropouts are Campy. The odd thing is the
> rear dropouts are absolutely identical to Campagnolo, but they don't
> say Campy on them. The rear stays are chromed, so are the head lugs
> and the fork crown and bottom half of the blades. The one last
> interesting thing is it came with a Silca pump and the head is a
> metal one made by Silca. I've never seen a metal Silca head so any
> info on that would be nice too. Any information on the bike or
> frame
> would be great. It's a 64-ST x 60-TT cm (c-to-c) frame and will be
> putting it up for sale or trade to the list when I get it stripped
> down.
> Any information would be great and help fill in a few of the gaps in
> my knowledge of 60s Italian bikes.
> enjoy,
> Brandon"monkeyman"Ives
> Sitting in Santa Barbara, Calif
> thinking about a second post-work beer.
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