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<< RT Jansen and he advertised "uncommon touring bicycles" in the early 70's. Jim Merz showed me a catalog of his when a customer was requesting something French-style. >>

Yeah! I tried to elicit a response about Mr. Jansen back a few years ago on this lis, to no avail. He lived/worked in Moravian Falls, NC at one time, maybe early 1970s... Then was said to "return" up north, maybe to the New England area. My eroding grey matter tells me that I called him and got a snappy ill tempered response about his bikes.. He had a very focussed (narrow?) view of his bike philosophy that I didn't get at the time. I recall the brochure as being a B&W tri-fold in which he called his bikes "La Petit Reine" (The Little Queen?) and he espoused a short top tube and long front center and rear chain stays... I always wondered what became of him and would like to see examples of his work...

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