Re: [CR] Repro Campy hoods - some colors last better?

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Subject: Re: [CR] Repro Campy hoods - some colors last better?
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:58:32 -0400

Correct me if I am wrong but the white and black hoods were introduced with the Campy Cobalto and 50th Anniversary sets. Therefore, they fit in the designated timeline cutoff for the CR.

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Good point. However, I would guesstimate that 90+ percent of the demand would be for gum ones. Also, remember that the white and black ones were probably never made in the older compounds, as they (the white and black hoods) didn't exist back then.

We would do them in a more modern compound (like the final-run Euro-Asia shield-logo ones were molded in I presume?) that would hold up better than the old natural gum rubber compound.

So far, the concensus seems to be forming off-list that CR listmembers are cheap and wouldn't buy enough of them put in your hat. I hope that's not the case. Anyone willing to commit to any with a (refundable if the project doesn't fly) cash deposit?

Greg Parker A2 MI USA

Not an injection-molding Engineer, but I play one on TV....

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Another fact not yet discussed is that some colors of Campy hoods seem to last better than others.

White hoods seem to last longest, followed by Black hoods, and in a distant third, Gum hoods. The deterioration problem is caused by the rubber materials used at that time. Different colors used various chemical formulas to enable the hood colorations.


Regards, Steve Neago Cincinnati, OH

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> Hi Ben:
      > I don't see anyone on CR "expecting" Campy to make us any hoods.
      > What folks are concerned about is the fact that there aren't new hoods
      > currently being made anywhere in the world, ergo the supply of this common
      > wear item that's on hundreds of thousands of old Campy-equipped bikes will
      > run out at some point. To imply that what's out there now (much of it
      > twenty+ years old) will last forever is just plain silly!
      > Let's do some math: perhaps $10,000 US for a mold. Sell 2000 sets at
      > (that's less than what NOS world-logo ones are selling for right now. Like
      > said, this won't be cheap). That's a ten-to-one ROI, perhaps reduced to
      > five-to-one after other costs are considered. Sounds laughable to me -
      > If there's money to be made, someone will do it eventually.
      > FWIW, my recollection is that replacement world logo hoods were about
      > per pair in the late '70s.
      > Greg Parker
      > A2 MI USA
      > Ben wrote:
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      > > none of this becomes the CR list.
      > >
      > > would my life be richer if i had an original remote for 4 year old sony
      > > - no the Tandy universal model for $14.99 does just as well. sony would
      > > laugh at my request to remake one for me just as Campy is laughing at
      > > requests for their hoods. its cute and flattering but they will never
      > > it seriously as they are in business to make money. if tullio were alive
      > > response would be the same. it should have dawned on some of you that
      > > you live for isnt getting cheaper.
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