Re: [CR]Re: Ride quality tub vs clincher and more

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Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 09:20:44 -0700
From: "Bill Bryant" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Ride quality tub vs clincher and more
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Michael Kone wrote:
> Rolly Polly tires we meassured were closer to 26mm than to 28mm. The
> Michelin Axial Pro 25mm is only 1mm or so narrower than the Rolly Polly but
> is a good bit lighter. For most folks, the Michelin seems to give a better
> overall balance - but the Rolly Polly is still very nice.
> Bottom line is that nobody is making a good clincher above 23mm.

> An amazing clincher in a 24-28mm width would virtually transform many bikes
> - but nobody has the brains to make it.

I certainly agree with the statement about good tires being crucial to good bike performance, but humbly disagree about none wider than 23mm being available. Many randonneurs are finding the tan/natural sidewall Vredestein Fortezza 700c x 25mm to be a very fine-riding clincher tire. Soaks up the bumps over the long haul, and is better than the 23mm tires in this regard. Nice combination of supple ride, low rolling resistance, good cornering, nice performance in the rain, very strong casing and Kevlar bead, low overall weight, lasts a good distance, etc. Made to be run reliably at about 120-130 psi. No other tire reminds me of the ride of the much-missed Clement Del Mondos so much as the 25mm Vredestein Fortezzas--plus they look normal (no trendy colors, etc.) Not widely sold, but worth the search, IMHO. About $38-40.

No relation to seller/manufacturer, etc.

Bill Bryant
Santa Cruz, CA
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