[CR]I: [BOB] Bikes in 2035. Please advise.

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Subject: [CR]I: [BOB] Bikes in 2035. Please advise.

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> The standard bike will be designed and made by a computer controlled
> production line out of carbon fiber. An individuals measurements are
> taken statically and dynamically. Components are also custom manufactured
> to each individual. Since robotics is more advanced, the frame will be
> wired. Braking, shifting, speed will travel through the frame to small
> servos that will do the work instead of cables. Bike will also have a
> communications capability to store rider data, and commnicate. Over
> engineered from spin off technology, reasonable cost, and very light.
> 1984 was nothing like the book.
> Steven M. Johnson, Chesapeake, VA

Just for your information, Carbon fibre production is very labor intensive and decidedly low-tech. I have worked in the racquet sports industry where the use of carbon and other such fibres is very common and it does not allow any where near the same options in production that does the use of tubes and lugs and/or TIG welding. With carbon fibres, the present state of the technology requires a large mould.

Steven Maasland Moorestown, NJ