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I agree. A bike in the classic era is a classic, especially one that was the first of a kind, even if that kind of bike eventially turns out, in the opinions of many here, to to be inferior to lugged steel. That's why I have two ALANS and a Teledyne, even though I wouldn't buy a modern Titanium or aluminum bike. This is in keeping with, for example, Hilary Stone's philosophy in his otstanding "Design Classics" column in Cycling Plus. He recently reviewed the all-plastic (or almost all) bike from Sweden as few decades ago. It was, as he explained, a total design disaster, but classic all the same.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> Well....
> I own a Teledyne precisely because it was virtually the first real production
> Ti frame (Speedwell Ti excepted), so it's historic and groundbreaking. I also
> own an NOS Graftek for exactly the same reasons.
> That still dosesn't make that modern TIG'ed or screwed, glued, and tatooed
> stuff "classic."
> As for what should be discussed on the CR list, I humbly suggest you go
> re-read the CR rules & regs.
> Cheers,
> Greg Parker
> Brandon I. wrote:
> > Here we go again. "Classic" is NOT about a material it's about and (sic)
> > aesthetic look and historical feelings about certain bikes. As
> > evidence I use yesterdays (sic) thread on the seatpost size of the Teledyne
> > Titan. The Titan is a tig welded oversized titanium (frame), and everyone
> > seems to think it's a classic bike. The Exxon Graftex (sic) has it's (sic)
> > own
> > page on the CR list, so that must make it "classic" worthy. The list
> > also talks about Vitus' (sic) and Alan's (sic) pretty regularly. I've got
> > to ask (:)
> > Greg would you pass up a Pino Morrini (sic) Ti frame if it came to you?