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Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 21:16:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: "David Feldman" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]The right touring parts
To: Brandon Ives <>,
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Brandon, I sold those. As a stock bike, the equipment was: Crankset: Mighty Tour double, 34/52 Wheels: 27" Araya rims, Sunshine Gyromaster hubs, 5-speed 14-28 Suntour Pro Compe freewheel--when charted the gearing made no sense for any kind of riding! Derailleurs: Suntour Cyclone front and Cyclone GT rear with barcon shifters Brakes: Dia Comp centerpulls on those brazed posts with Gran Compe levers, qrs and adjusters in levers Handlebar: SR Randonneur, SR stem, cheesy thin cloth tape, also similarly cheesy cheap Unicanitor copy saddle with bad quilted padding and vinyl cover. A later version used an SR Stronglight 99-copy crank in a triple ring, the gearing made a lot more sense that way.

Happy reassembling--I think you'll do a much better job than the original spec person did!
David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

--- Brandon Ives wrote:

> So I bit on Chris Beyer's Centurion ProTour since
> I'm trying to get
> the Japanese collection started. Right now I'm just
> going to build
> it up with a mish-mash of what I've got in boxes,
> mainly Campagnolo,
> TA, and Blackburn. Eventually I'd like to get it
> set up as a top-end
> touring bike of the day. The question is should I
> build it up with
> Japanese touring stuff, Sugino, Suntour, Nitto, etc.
> or should I
> build it with a real top-end mix of the time, Phil
> Wood, Huret, Bruce
> Gordon? First things first I'll be needing
> center-pull brakes. What
> should I use?
> thanks folks,
> Brandon"monkeyman"Ives
> Must get back to Futurama
> in Santa Barbara, Calif.
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