Re: [CR] Huret Jubilee mounting?

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Subject: Re: [CR] Huret Jubilee mounting?
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 12:45:26 EDT

Harvey Sachs wrote:
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> Subject: [CR]Huret Jubilee mounting?
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> Chris Beyer wrote: <snip>
> What I need to know is how to adapt a Huret Jubilee to work on a Campagnolo
> dropout. The derailleur has a little boss cast (forged?) into it which is
> obviously designed to work with a Simplex or Huret dropout. Is there some
> sort of gizmo needed to use this fine piece of cycling artisanry on a
> Campagnolo dropout?
> Chris -
> I'm almost certain that the Jubilee came with two different top ends, one
> for "French" dropouts, and one for "Campy," since the one for my wife's
> bike mounts directly to a Campy plate. The later series, including DuoPar,
> had an adapter for Campy, a bent and stamped washer that allowed either
> installation.
> Sorry about that...
> harvey sachs
> mcLean va


You're right about the two versions of Jubilee body. I dug through my derailleurs. I have two Jubilees: the first one fits right onto a Campy dropout and hits the stop correctly via an appropriate tab on the upper body forging. It has the "French dropout" area machined off of the upper forging. It also has a longer mounting bolt than the other one I have, and a 13mm hex nut on the back. Problem is, however, that it looks like you'd have to "adjust" the setup with a cone wrench between the der. and dropout when mounting it, so that the der. can pivot freely once installed.

The other one has that "Campy" tab machined off, fits a Huret dropout correctly, but also has a little stamped steel adapter plate that allows it to function like a Campy-dropout version (but no easy pivoting once installed on a Campy drop), plus gives it some angle adjustability at setup. The mounting bolt looks less well-finished on this one, though, so someone may have converted it post-production?

Chris, you need to find one of these stamped steel adapters for yours I think, or trade versions with someone (both of mine are earmarked for project bikes, otherwise I'd volunteer...). Then you may or may not have too much mounting bolt length with the adapter installed.


Greg "Huret is definitely outside my area of expertise" Parker A2 MI USA