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I goofed. I meant to say that I have been told that when a shift/brake lever breaks-you have a sizable repair on your hands. Clipless pedals look like something with the outer cage missing. A bad cut and paste-sorry

Mark Cutrufelli Laurel,MD

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Did anyone mention fear as a factor?

I do love the look of older lugged frames and older parts. The clipless system is, for me, hard to get used to visually. It's like looking at a spindle at the center with the lever breaks, I am told you have a pretty expensive repair. I have never tried STI or clipless pedals. I might enjoy them more or less. But the truth is, even given the chance if offered a loaner, I have a fear of getting caught in the pedals. This happens to my next door neighbor a lot. An experienced rider, he says that when he panics sometimes, he can't get out, falls and comes home all scraped up.The bangs on his legs are sizable! He jokes about a man in his 60's on a retro bike who stopped to talk;then dusted him. He could not keep up, even though the man was twice his age. His point was one some have made before-The engine has a lot to do with it. So of the two STI looks more appealing than clipless pedals, however ineffecient. I think I am comfortable both physically and visually with what I know, what I grew up riding. I looked at new bikes 6-8 months ago, after not having been in a bike shop in years. I knew what I wanted (Vintage). I felt disappointed in the new-no lugs, all aluminum, not charming, unfamiliar looking.But a few of the new stood out-like those Rivendells. When Jill and Chad told me those old Campagnolo NR/SR deraillers were long lasting and that parts of them were replaceable and available as are most other vintage parts, I was hooked. Speed is not a factor for me, I doubt that I could keep up with very many of you, butI like the scenery, stopping often..

Does this make me a retro grouch?

Mark in Laurel,MD



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