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Southern Californians also might remember some frames sold by a shop owned by Ted Van Der Kolk in Glendale. He sold two varieties of bike--race bikes and folders, no 3 speeds or entry level road machinery. This is ca. 1970-75. They were all called Flying
David Feldman
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> I saw quite a few of these frames in Jack's shop before he closed 3 years ago
> and they ranged from absolutely crappy to not-so-bad at all. Many were
> severely shop worn, apparently from kicking around in Jack's warehouse for 20
> years! Gippieme dropouts were most common but some had Campagnolo, Shimano,
> Aquila or no markings at all. There also were a variety of lug patterns, and
> braze-ons.
> Flying Dutchman was the Denver Wheel house brand. I think over the years Jack
> Van Gent put that label on frames from a number of different manufacturers.
> He also had lower level/quality Libertas and Aquila frames/bikes. All were
> alleged to be (and looked to be in detail) Italian manufacture with British
> threading! Has anyone ever heard of Aquila bikes?
> I agree some were falsely labeled as Reynolds; in those cases even the
> Reynolds decal looked slightly "off". But many I think were genuine Reynolds
> and Columbus tubing.
> I bought maybe 20 of them. My college student son is riding one now and
> enjoying it tremendously. After frame alignment, repainting and adding braze
> ons, they aren't bad at all! Although there are variances in models, most are
> classic road geometry. Using "normal" (long) reach brakes, plenty of fork
> rake, slacker angles and longish chain stays. I have maybe 3 never-titled (!)
> framesets left, two have Imron paint and braze-ons added. Mid-to-larger sizes
> if memory serves. If anyone is interested at $250.00, let me know.
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