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From: "Stephen Barner" <Steve@sburl.com>
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Subject: [CR]Re: Challenge Tubulars
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 23:27:39 -0400

I have been riding the Gommitalia Challenge tubulars this year, with very good results. The pair I am riding now have been glued on since early summer and are still going strong. I have not found them to be lumpy--certainly a lot better than the Italian tires I used to ride in the 70s. But, hey, this is from a guy who used to import Barum sewups, so you know how low my standards are. I was a bit surprised to find no protective strip between the stitching and the tube when I repaired a glass cut on one of the Challenges, but it hasn't resulted in any problems with dependability for me.

I am getting to like butyl tubes. They may not give the nice ride of latex, but I don't think I can tell the difference and it is nice to only have to pump the tires up every week or so.

Steve Barner, "even at double-duty we got those iron curtain tires in for under $8 apiece," Bolton, Vermont

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\r?\n> I noticed that the online QBP catalogs are now listing tubulars by

\r?\n> Challenge. Supposedly, these are made form the old Clement molds. The

\r?\n> Paris-Roubaix sounds particularly interesting at 28mm and nearly half

\r?\n> the price of a Vittoria Pave. My LBS had one of the Volcano models and

\r?\n> it seemed like a decent tire, especially for $15.


\r?\n> The tires can be seen at

\r?\n> http://aebike.com/site/page.cfm?PageID=30

\r?\n> http://aebike.com/site/page.cfm?PageID=30&Category=1660 &Category=1660


\r?\n> Does anybody have any experience with or comments about these tires?


\r?\n> Thanks

\r?\n> Sean Smith

\r?\n> Balboa Island, CA