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Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 13:06:11 -0500

Speaking of Avocet hubs, I have a couple of pairs. Both are made by Ofmega. I believe I have one each of the Mod I and the more polished Mod II. Does anyone remember as I seem to, an Avocet Mod III hub? I seem to recall that it was supposed to have a magnesium shell and perhaps a titanium axle. I seem to remember that they actually produced prototypes that were photographed for ads, but I don't think these hubs were ever delivered. Perhaps they found in testing that the magnesium shells cracked at the spoke holes, which would be the obvious concern with such a design. Anyone else remember these?


Jerry Moos

Houston, TX

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> Avocet did sell headsets. They advertised them way before the parts were
> ready, so almost everyone gave up on them before they came in. I did get
> a few sets, I had to really fight to get them. They were very different
> in that the bearings were large rollers, something like 5mm diameter and
> 5mm long. This type bearing is used for CNC milling machine ways, very
> strong and precise. The lower cup pressed into the frame and onto the
> fork, so it was hard to get the fork out. Top bearing had a taper seat
> on the nut, the bearing stayed on the frame. I think they cost way more
> than they could be sold for, so Avocet never sold many. I have only the
> upper bearing left, and have never seen any more.
> I never liked the hubs, alloy used was very soft. They did make a BB, it
> was made in the USA. Very big hype, they claimed the strength was better
> than Campy. Overall, the parts were not that great in my opinion.
> Jim Merz
> Bainbridge Is. WA
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> The Monkeyman wrote:
> >>>>OK, I just won a NOS pair of Avocet hubs with the box on Ebay for
> $20 <<blah>
> I never expected winning the hubs, but I was the only bidder. What's up
> with that? Sure they're not Weyless, but they're quite nice hubs.
> Anyway, I've always liked their stuff. As I remember they made seats,
> seatposts, hubs, cranks. . .was there anything else? I know the stuff
> was contracted out, so who actually built their stuff?<<<<
> I have the same NOS rear hub (in a similar box intended for a pair, but
> the front is missing) that was given to me by a friend a few years ago.
> The hub is actually quite nice. If it were a pair, I probably would
> have done something with it by now. Anyone have a front lying around
> they'd give up? Or does someone need the rear I have? Mine is unhappy
> and needs a mate. I think you got a heck of a deal on those, Mr. Monk!
> I'm not sure who made the hubs, but I'm fairly certain that Ofmega made
> the cranksets, and a lot of the stuff was anodized in colors. I have a
> blue Avocet track crank on my fixed-gear, and a red one still in the
> box. Also have a seat post in the box, and agree that the stuff is all
> pretty nice.
> Wasn't someone trying to build a bike with a complete Avocet "group" a
> while back? Was the you, Joe B-Z? So far, we've identified seat post,
> hubs, crank, BB, pedals and clips, and I seem to remember headsets as
> well. Don't ever recall derailleurs, but since Ofmega made those too,
> who knows?
> Wayne Bingham
> Falls Church VA