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Latest list of parts for sale to CR members. All items are priced in $. Shipping will be extra charged at cost. Enquire for actual cost if you like before deciding. Photographs can be emailed if required. Payment can be made in cash with dollars or by money order in Pounds sterling ($1.45 to 1 GBP). American Express Travellers cheques are also fine. Regards Hilary Stone

CONSTRICTOR BOA PEDALS PRE-1933 TYPE Offered are three Constrictor Boa pedals of the type made in France for Constrictor before Constrictor contracted BSA to make pedals for them. BSA-made Constrictor pedals became available in 1933 so these predate 1933. Almost all the plating has gone from these pedals but two in particular are in very sound condition, the third one is quite heavily pitted. Only one has the correct dustcap. These are exceptionally rare - in twenty years of collecting, buying and selling classsic bike components I have only ever seen one other pair. $55

TRIVELOX DERAILLEUR GEAR c1948 NOS This iexample is the one in which the sprockets slide sideways rather than the chain being bent sideways. This example is made for a solo bicycle - many were made for tandems and is in very good unused condition. It is complete with top tube control, chain tensioner, rear 40 hole hub with 14/17/21T sprockets and gear wire pulley and tension spring. The last two are not shown in the photograph. The Trivelox gear was invented in 1933 and this is an example of the later type. Of course it is not compatible with a Campagnolo chainwheel. $85.

ZEUS 2000 FREEWHEEL FRENCH THREADS NOS Practically perfect French threaded NOS Zeus 2000 aluminium 6-speed freewheel with 14/14/15/17/19/21T sprockets. These beautifully made top of the range Zeus freewheels are extremely rare. This is a bargain for the spare sprockets and freewheel body parts even if the french threads are not required. $85.

THE STORY OF THE RALEIGH CYCLE This is an copy of the rare 1975 published hardback book by Gregory Houston Bowden, great grandson of Raleigh¹s founder Frank Bowden. This well illustrated 216pp book covers the entire history of Raleigh cycles up until the 1970s including its subsidaries in the USA, South Africa etc. This copy is in wonderful clean condition with an untorn dustjacket. $85.

RALEIGH WOVEN FABRIC BADGE This is an unused Raleigh woven fabric badge dating back to the 1970s or 1980s of the type sewn onto overalls or jackets. It is in perfect condition and is 3in in diameter. $12

PHILLIPS CELTONIA PEDALS NOS NIB These are a perfect pair of Phillips Celtonia chrome plated NOS rat trap pedals from the period between the middle 1930s and the late 1950s. Especially good for a 1930s restoration. $40.

FAUSTO COPPI BOOK This is an excellent copy of the 63pp Fausto Coppi book by Salvador Trence, translated into English and published by the Kennedy Brothers in 1972. Rare and a must for every Coppi enthusiast. $30.

ATOM 3-SPEED FREEWHEEL FRENCH THREADS NOS This is in perfect condition and is french threaded with 16/18/20T sprockets, the correct VAR freewheel remover is included. $55.

MAFAC PLASTIC BODDIED BRAKE LEVERS NOS These are an excellent pair of NOS black plastic bodied Mafac brake levers from the 1970s. There are no cracks and these are now really not very common and rare in this wonderful condition. $30.

EDCO ALLOY HUBS NOS 1950s These are a perfect pair of lovely quality Edco small flange gear sided 32/40H hubs. They are very rare. $55.

CONSTRICTOR 27in ASP RIMS These are an excellent pair of 27in Constrictor Asp rims. The rear rim shows no brake wear at all whilst the front one shows only minimal wear. They both appear to be nice and flat. All in all these are the best pair of Constrictor rims I have seen for a long time. $145.

CAMPAGNOLO BAR END CONTROLS These are an excellent pair of Campagnolo bar end controls with blue lever covers. There are no marks of any cxonsequence and apperar practically unused. $40.

WEINMANN ALESA 27in RIMS 36H These are a very good pair of 27in rims with not very much wear and no dents. 27in rims are becoming harder to find and these are ideal for any road bike from the 1950s onwards. $85

BLUEMELS POCKET PUMP NOS VERY RARE Offered for sale is a very rare NOS Bluemels Pocket Pump measuring just 9 1/2in long. It is in full working order - but the celluloid has distorted over time and it is no longer straight. An exceptionally rare accessory. $25

REYNOLDS PELLISSIER HANDELBARS These are an excellent pair of Reynolds Pellisier bars with a width of 40cm (15 3/4in). The diameter of the bars is 7/8in - the centre is also 7/8in but would have normally been used with a shim to reach a 1in diameter suitable for use with GB or Reynolds stems. These bars are in excellent condition with no serious marks. The Pellissier shape is very attractive with a gentle curving from close to the centre section in a similar manner to Cinelli 65s but with less depth. $45

CAMPAGNOLO RECORD BRAKE LEVERS EARLY STYLE Offered for sale are a very good pair of early style Campagnolo Record brake levers. They are complete with a pair of Ame black rubber hoods which are not cracked but are a bit worn. One of the levers has a part of the anodising worn off but the anodising could easily be redone. The levers are the early style with squared off ends to the lever blades. $45

HARDEN SMALL FLANGE GEAR SIDED HUBS 32/40H drilling The small flange variety of Harden hubs are the rarest version. These are in excellent condition with perfect threads. Exceptionally rare and much better for use with 26in rims than the large flange type. $155

CHRISTOPHE OLD STYLE LOGO TOECLIPS used, one is practically perfect but the other has worn chrome and pitting to the area where the shoe rests together with a little pitting elsewhere. Long but are not marked. $15 Also a similar pair in generally good condition but with a few small areas of pitting Medium length. $15

PLAYERS CYCLING CIGARETTE CARD SET 1939 Very clean copy with a complete set of cards which details cycling history from von Drais in 1817 right through to 1939 including recumbents from the 1930s. This set is in excellent condition - no rusty staples or badly stuck in cards. $35

COLORAL BOTTLE CORK NOS Offered for sale is a NOS silver topped Coloral bottle cork with two drillings for the drinking tube. Excellent and rare. $15