Re: [CR]The Beginning of a Rennaissance

Example: Framebuilding

From: "Sarah Gibson" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]The Beginning of a Rennaissance
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 23:59:41

to be sure, it seems there is more interest, maybe not in "classic" bikes per se but in quality, handcrafted steel machines(though lots of folks touch and feel and oh and ah at some of the vintage machines hanging up around here). we started the "old town" frame just this past september and i thought if we averaged one per month over the year we would be doing very good. actually we have sold 6 since september. and it's winter. and these aren't race bikes and their not 16lbs and they are steel and lugged. they have longish chainstays and eyelets for racks and fenders. and our customers want them. so i have faith. if people want lugged steel bicycles then there is hope for the other things good in this world. peace sarah it's gonna be 68 degrees in kansa city this weekend!