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Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 17:10:45 -0500
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From: Diane Lees <info@hubbub.com>
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Subject: [CR]one more thing about Avocet

Geez - I almost forgot the most important part about the computer. We waited over 6 months for the first one to be delivered and THAT pretty much became the story about Avocet then ... and on-goingly over the next 15 years!


At 04:45 PM 1/26/02 -0500, Diane Lees wrote:
>Here is what I remember and know.
>Avocet started out with their model 25 computer back in the mid-80's. We
>went to a special showing of this "revolutionary" computer at a hotel in
>New York during the NY Bike show (held at the old Convention Center in
>They then came out with their saddles and have been "adding on" since.
>The company was head quartered above the Palo Also bike Shop in California
>and has seen ups and downs continually.
>I think they were actually connected to Palo Alto at the beginning.
>Hope this shed a little light on them.
>And, may I ask why the interest? (Just a curiosity question)
>HubBub Custom Bicycles
>At 11:40 AM 1/26/02 -0500, Christopher Oliver wrote:
>> > Can anyone fill me in as to who is behind the company, who designed and
>> > then made their stuff, and when and where they started.
>> I ran across an ancient Palo Alto catalog when organizing my junk,
>>and this was in my mind. I recall Jobst saying something about Palo
>>doing domestic tire manufacture when European sew-ups were not being
>>reliably imported. Soooo.... Jobst Brandt, Palo Alto Bicycles, and
>>Avocet: what's the connection?
>>Awaiting another lesson in left coast bicycle history,
>>Christopher Oliver, oliver@traverse.net
>> Sometimes it just pays to be a plastic bicycle.