Re: [CR]Avocet Question + history lesson?

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From: <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 17:39:39 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Avocet Question + history lesson?

I think that Avocets component line predates the mid-80's. The computers were a later addition, as I remember ads for them featuring Greg LeMond. Didn't Avocet market one of the first gender specific saddles in the late 70's,and saddles with bumps to pad the ischeal tuberosites(no doubt spelled incorrectly-should have just said sit bones)?As someone mentioned, many components marketed by Avocet were re-badged Ofmega, like the Avocet version of the Ofmega Sintesi pedal. They sold a neat seatpin; two bolt true microadjustable, with underside access to the two 5mm allen bolts. There was also at least one crank and BB set(I have some NIP cups somewhere) and (I think) a headset. By the mid 80's most of this was discontinued, save for the saddles, tires and computers.

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