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Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 09:33:02 -0600

Just to show this thread is not as off topic as one might think, does anyone know of an actual bike carrier that can be fitted to the trunk of a Mazda Miyata or other small sports car? I don't need super secure transport for multiple bikes on a 1000 miles trip, just something to carry a single track bike from my home to the velodrome 2 miles away. I know, I could ride the two miles, but the fashion in residential streets here is cul-de-sacs to prevent through traffic, so I cannot find a route that gets me to the velodrome without venduring onto a major street in Houston traffic (which is second only to LA traffic). Riding a track bike with no brakes on a major Houston street would be indicative of a strong death wish, and it seems too much hassle to fit a front brake and lever, then remove them, just for a two mile trip. The velodrome, of course, bans riding a bike with brakes fitted.


Jerry Moos two miles from the Alkek Velodrome, Houston, TX

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> > From: "J.Dunn" <>
> > "as the Elan is the greatest sportscar every made "
> >
> > As long as you can keep replacing all the parts that break. Chapman may
> have
> > been a genius when it came to designing for performance , but he was sadly
> > lacking in the durability/reliability department.;-)
> >
> > John dun in Boise
> I remember once seeing a Holdsworth perched on one of those tiny boot racks
> that some Lotus owners used to fit to their Elans. The bike was almost as
> big as the car.
> As for Colin Chapman not being able to produce reliable cars, I think Lotus'
> success in Formula 1 shows that he could indeed build cars capable of
> standing up to the most demanding circumstances.
> The Elan's troubles were sometimes caused by those owners who bought the
> cars as kits to avoid tax and built them up (not very well) themselves. That
> said, they did break down a lot.
> They're still, in the purest sense, the best sportscar ever, though-with or
> without classic bike on the back.


> Bruce