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I had a Mazda 323...I found a guy who could mount a light duty trailer hitch to the unibody frame. I think the ball-hitch carriers are far superior to anything that blocks access to the trunk. My Axiom carries 4 bikes as well and comes off the car in less ten seconds...goes on in about 30 secs.

Warren Young Toronto
>Just to show this thread is not as off topic as one might think, does anyone
>know of an actual bike carrier that can be fitted to the trunk of a Mazda
>Miyata or other small sports car? I don't need super secure transport for
>multiple bikes on a 1000 miles trip, just something to carry a single track
>bike from my home to the velodrome 2 miles away. I know, I could ride the
>two miles, but the fashion in residential streets here is cul-de-sacs to
>prevent through traffic, so I cannot find a route that gets me to the
>velodrome without venduring onto a major street in Houston traffic (which is
>second only to LA traffic). Riding a track bike with no brakes on a major
>Houston street would be indicative of a strong death wish, and it seems too
>much hassle to fit a front brake and lever, then remove them, just for a two
>mile trip. The velodrome, of course, bans riding a bike with brakes fitted.
>Jerry Moos
>two miles from the Alkek Velodrome, Houston, TX
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>> > "as the Elan is the greatest sportscar every made "
>> >
>> > As long as you can keep replacing all the parts that break. Chapman may
>> have
>> > been a genius when it came to designing for performance , but he was
>> > lacking in the durability/reliability department.;-)
>> >
>> > John dun in Boise
>> I remember once seeing a Holdsworth perched on one of those tiny boot
>> that some Lotus owners used to fit to their Elans. The bike was almost as
>> big as the car.
>> As for Colin Chapman not being able to produce reliable cars, I think
>> success in Formula 1 shows that he could indeed build cars capable of
>> standing up to the most demanding circumstances.
>> The Elan's troubles were sometimes caused by those owners who bought the
>> cars as kits to avoid tax and built them up (not very well) themselves.
>> said, they did break down a lot.
>> They're still, in the purest sense, the best sportscar ever, though-with
>> without classic bike on the back.


>> Bruce