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Yeh!!............2 long years, a higher price than what was advertised and being released prematurely with a few buggs still not worked out of it!!

You got it!!.............They were released with a fault of 2!! And Avocet did so knowingly!!

This was all passed on to me from a customer whose Law firm was representing the company (Can't remember the name!) that was Designing/R&D for Avocet!! Avocets was sueing this co. for lost of revenues and market shares. Something to do with the release of the unit from Cateye........At least this is what I was told and this was well over 10 years ago!!...........Anybody knows for sure when cateye was hitting the shelves?? Before or after Avocet??

Anyway this customer and his law firm were in need of one of the bad units but he wasn't able to find one due to the warrenty guarantees from Avocet!!........He said darn we have been searching for some time for one, would you know where I might be able to find one??.........I said sure!!.............Dugg out a shoe box full and said here you go!! Never heard anything from there on.............He walked away a happy camper!!

I could be a little off with this info but this is the best I could remember!!

Regards, BC Baron Corpuz............and the gang.............Holland.

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> feldman wrote:
> > Avocet holds the "vaporware" record for the bike business with that
> > computer--they advertised the original one for two solid years before it
> > actually existed.
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> Hello gang,
> One old story that was quite funny about the 2 year advertising to shipping
> schedule (did anybody get them in just two years) goes as follows.
> "Hey How many employees does Avocet have? That's easy two. One guy makes up
> the ads and the other guy answers the phone and says they don't have them in
> yet."
> In fairness they were pushing the envelope in low cost computers for bikes.
> Several were over $100.00 each in those days and while full featured compared
> to the basic three function #20. I often wonder if the few low cost computers
> of the day were destroyed by the long term low cost price advertising for a
> product that did not exist in the real world. Also the original price
> advertised was $19.95 but before the shipment materialized they were
> advertised for just $24.95, a real difference in their day.
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