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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 09:51:56 -0500
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Great pics Jack! Not to pick on all of our resident Masi fans, but DeRosa will always be "it" for me as far as classic Italian steel goes. Speaking of steel.., Went on my very first group ride on the PX10 fixie yesterday morning, a glorious morning here for January! Seven of us left from our normal starting spot, 4 on fixed gear, lugged steel bikes! I was on the PX10, there was an Austro Daimler, a Bianchi Track bike w/ road fork (he wouldn't think of drilling the track fork for a brake), and a full chrome, nervex lugged something - or - other (no decals). Lots of fun & a few "hey,nice bike", kind of comments. When we stopped for breakfast there was a little conversation about riding these "old steel bikes", and how they are "kind of cool". All or most of these guys no longer ride steel bikes as their primary bikes, mind you. I felt like I needed a bumper sticker that read "my other bikes are steel too". BTW, Mr. Rolf (Rolf Wheels), joined us after breakfast on his new bike (Roark?), titanium with his new prototype carbon fiber wheels. I think the front wheel only had 10 spokes! This thing felt like it weighed about 15 pounds! But it was kind of ugly sitting next to our old bikes. Watching Rolf, who is a BIG man, riding those wheels seemed like some sort of a physics experiment gone bad. Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio), where it is going to be in the 50's again today.

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A big happy birthday to Ugo De Rosa, born on January 27, 1934!

I've made a little page in celebration of the maestro:

Jack "heart cutouts and diamante chainstays" Bissell Tucson, Az

PS: the blue one is a 1973 (not to worry, I reinstalled the missing Velo Rendezvous cork under the saddle) and is my baby, and the red '73 was formerly Mike Kone's, as seen at Veloswap '00